March 30, 2021

A Brief Look At 12 Pin Trailer Plug Wiring

12 pin trailer plug wiringA trailer plug is at the very heart of your trailer. It is therefore a good idea to ensure that you get its wiring right and that you make it a point to operate the plug correctly. If you are not very familiar, then it makes sense to explore the way to do your 12 pin trailer plug wiring in more detail.

Most trailers come with a seven-pin socket. This is the standard for those who do not need to tow a lot of weight. Trailers that come with a brake away system and electronic stability control or people who wish to run their fridge will need a 12-pin socket. It is the more versatile socket.

Before you get started with 12 pin trailer plug wiring, you need to properly configure your trailer with a left indicator, reverse, earthing, right indicator, electronic brakes, brake lights, park lights, and isolated power supply for your fridge or accessories. Mostly, you will need to install an Anderson plug. Be prepared to install a second one if required. You can choose between grey Anderson plug with isolated Charge feed from the battery of your trailer. Or, you can go with a red Anderson plug with direct 12-volt supply to suit your ESC operations.

trailer hubA trailer hub is another spare that you should seriously consider buying. But, first you need to determine which hub is right for your trailer. The good news is that it is very easy to choose the right hub. All that you need to do is first remove the existing one from your trailer. Then, take out the front as well as rear bearings and look for the number that is on the bearing. This will help you find the right hub.

LED trailer tail lightsFinally, if you need to buy LED trailer tail lights, then be sure to buy them from Basic Trailer Parts. This Adelaide based company sells you the best quality spares in Australia. Before choosing them, keep in mind that the best trailer lights (LED) are those that have the right amount of brightness. They should also be of the right color and they should fit properly.

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